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Registration and Confidentiality Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby request that I be registered with HL Dental as a potential purchaser of dental practices which are currently being marketed by HL Dental for sale. As a consequence of said registration I hereby:

Undertake to keep all details of dental practices provided to me confidential, and not discuss or disclose this information to any, person, body or organisation without the prior written consent of HL Dental, such consent to be entirely at the discretion of HL Dental.

  1. Not to disclose to any person or third party that the dental practice or practices in respect of which I have been given details are for sale, the only exception being that in the event of a potential purchase proceeding, it is acceptable to provide this information to my professional advisors or solicitors.
  2. Agree that HL Dental are registered with the Information Commissioners Office in terms of the Data Protection Acts and that any information provided to me will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions contained therein.
  3. Agree that HL Dental may hold information about me in connection with my interest in acquiring a dental practice, such information to be held in strict confidence.
  4. Agree that all contact with the seller or sellers of any dental practice in respect of which I have been given confidential information will be through HL Dental only.
  5. Agree that I will not make contact with the CQC, NHS, GDC or any other body or organisation in relation to the dental practice, or owner thereof, unless I or my professional advisors have been given written permission by HL Dental or the solicitors acting for the seller of said dental practice.
  6. Agree that all information provided to me is believed by HL Dental to be accurate but no warranty is given simply by said information having been provided, and that should I decide to proceed with the purchase of any dental practice in respect of which HL Dental have given me the information, I or my advisors, will make the necessary enquiries to satisfy me that said information is correct.